10 Must Eat Places in Jogja to Enjoy Its Special Culinary

Exploring Jogja is Culinary Sensations: 10 Best Places to Eat That You Must Visit

Of course, here are some must-visit eating places in Jogja:

1. **Gudeg Yu Djum**: One of the famous gudeg stalls in Jogja which serves gudeg with authentic flavors and a wide choice of side dishes.

2. **Warung Handayani**: A place famous for its delicious klatak satay. Apart from that, they also provide various other typical Jogja dishes such as pecel, soto and fried rice.

3. **Mbah Carik**: This restaurant is famous for its crispy fried chicken dishes and special spices. Suitable to enjoy with family.

4. **Pak Pong Kambing Sate**: This satay stall is famous for its juicy goat satay and rich spices.

5. **Warung Bu Ageng**: This place is famous for its savory and delicious chicken soup. Apart from that, they also serve various other traditional dishes.

6. **Jejamuran**: A restaurant that specializes in mushroom dishes with a variety of menus, from stir-fried mushrooms to mushroom soup.

7. **Bakmi Jawa Mbah Mo**: Serves Javanese noodles with savory sauce and lots of toppings.

8. **Bu Rudy's Depot**: One of the places to eat that is famous for its mixed rice complete with a wide choice of side dishes and affordable prices.

9. **Soto Kadipiro**: This soto shop is famous for its rich and delicious soto sauce.

10. **Kopi Klotok Pakem**: Very typical village home menu here. For those of you who are bored of the city atmosphere, you can stop by here, even though the place is far from the city, but in my opinion it is worth what you get.

Enjoy the delicious and varied culinary specialties of Jogja!