Best Shopping Places in Jogja: Shopping Centers and Traditional Markets You Must Visit

Top Shopping Centers and Traditional Markets in Jogja: Find Unique Items and Typical Souvenirs!

In Jogja, you can find various shopping places that offer a variety of goods, from typical souvenirs to modern fashion products. Some popular shopping places in Jogja include:

1. Malioboro: Jalan Malioboro is the main shopping center in Jogja which is famous for souvenir shops, clothing, handicrafts and typical Jogja culinary delights. Here you can find various goods at affordable prices.

2. Beringharjo Market: This traditional market is the best place to buy typical Jogja souvenirs such as batik, handicrafts and special foods. Beringharjo Market is also the right place to experience the atmosphere of a traditional Indonesian market.

3. Plaza Ambarukmo: One of the largest shopping centers in Jogja which offers various local and international brands. Plaza Ambarukmo has various clothing, electronics, food and entertainment shops.

4. Hartono Mall: This mall is one of the modern shopping centers in Jogja which offers various shops and restaurants. You can find goods from famous brands and enjoy various entertainment inside.

5. Galeria Mall: This mall is located in the Prawirotaman area and offers various shops selling unique goods and typical clothing.

6. Jogja City Mall: One of the largest malls in Jogja which offers a wide selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment centers.

7. Jalan Prawirotaman: This area is famous for its shops selling antiques, art galleries and creative local products.

These are some of the popular shopping places in Jogja. Apart from the places above, there are many other shopping centers and traditional markets that you can explore in this city.